Job Vacancy Customer Support Specialist – Fully Remote Pinpoint

Job title: Customer Support Specialist – Fully Remote

Company: Pinpoint

Job description: Customer Support Specialist – Fully Remote

Department: Customer Success

Employment Type: Full Time

Location: UK

Reporting To: Head of Customer Success

Compensation: £40,000 / year



I’m , and I’m Head of Customer Success at Pinpoint.

We’re a high-growth, bootstrapped, HR-tech start-up, building and selling software that helps in-house recruitment teams attract, hire, and retain the best talent.

Right now, we have a dedicated support team of 2 people (alongside 5 Customer Success Specialists) split across the US and the UK. However, our client base is scaling quickly and we want to make sure that our support offering remains the best-in-class operation that it is today.

That’s where you come in. 🙌

We’re looking for a Customer Support operative, working fully-remotely in the UK (or in Jersey) during UK business hours of 08:30 – 17:30 Monday to Friday, who’ll be charged with operating our various support channels alongside the UK team.

What you’ll be doing:

What does support look like at Pinpoint?

Well, its a mix of things. The vast majority of enquiries come via our in-platform chat system (Intercom), but we do have some phone queries and emails too.

Our platform’s infrastructure is ‘in the cloud’ so by and large, the queries we get are people needing some help navigating round the functions of the platform, or perhaps needing some help understanding how a feature works, or maybe they have a feature request they’d like to submit, or they’d like some insight into better recruitment practice. It’s open ended, and we never close a query until we’re sure we’ve helped someone any which way we can.

We do get our fair share of technical queries too, and in those instances you’ll be expected to attempt to replicate the problems in our testing environment before writing any bugs up to our development team to fix if needed.

We are renowned for being incredibly responsive to support requests (our average first response time is about 90 seconds currently) and we’ll always push to make that quicker, but we’re also conversational and decidedly not robotic. The majority of our users aren’t technical people, and they want to get straight through to a human to ask their questions in a free flowing manner, and we fully support that decision.

To do well in this role you’ll need to:

  • Love supporting people. Genuinely. Our platform is widely celebrated for the quality and speed of the support we offer, and you’ll want to do everything you can to maintain that reputation. Don’t have the answer to a question in hand? You’ll go looking for it. A client wishes our product did X? You’ll write the idea up to our product team to include in a future release. Staff aren’t adopting a feature well? You’ll schedule a training session with their Success specialist.
  • Be an extremely analytical thinker. Some of our clients are technically adept or good at describing the issues they are having. Others are not, so you’ll be someone who can analyse what they’re being told, and decide whether you can take it at face value or whether you need to dig a little deeper.
  • Have extremely good written and verbal communication skills. You’ll need to answer support queries with friendly, but concise guidance. The CS team are the link between our customers and our developers, so you’ll need to know how to convey technical ideas to our often non-technical clients, and vice versa. We’ll also get you to update help guides and other support materials in any downtime.
  • Have above average computer literacy. We’ll train you on the specific platforms we use (Intercom, Front, Hubspot, Linear, G-Suite, among others) but you’ll need to pick them up quickly.
  • Have existing knowledge of SaaS terminology. If terms like API, SSO, CSV, HTML or CSS are foreign to you, you will struggle here. We have a team of developers who can assist in technical queries of course, but you’ll need to understand what clients and developers alike are talking about, as your job will be to bridge the gap between them.
  • Be patient, and positive. There will be times when users come to support with problems, and text chat doesn’t always make it easy to distinguish between urgency and abruptness. We also have clients around the world, so not everyone you speak to will have English as their first language. You’ll be someone who can take a deep breath, and turn a difficult conversation into a positive support experience even if the outcome isn’t immediately perfect.
  • Be human. There will absolutely be times where we’ll answer a chat with a GIF or an emoji, or discuss the weather, or ask about a holiday a client has just returned from. You’ll be someone who can understand when you need to put your serious hat on, but also know when conversation should to be conversational.
  • Take Ownership. We’re a startup, and while we work every day to improve systems and processes, this will not be a place where you’ll have every task, process or procedure handed to you on a plate. You’ll be someone who thrives in an environment where they will be celebrated for taking the initiative, owning their workload and pushing to improve the way we do things.


As you can see from the section above, we ask a lot of you, but we care deeply about rewarding the ownership you take in your role. We work hard to make Pinpoint an incredible place to work and invest a significant amount of time and energy into creating and maintaining a company culture that provides our team with a generous level of support, while inspiring them to do their best work.

The specific benefits / perks we offer are continually evolving, but currently include:

  • Healthcare coverage for you and your family
  • Generous personal development budget
  • Unlimited Holiday (and we’ll remind you to actually use it if we don’t think you’re taking enough)
  • Flexible, remote working (We don’t mind where you’re based, as long as you can work UK hours)
  • Competitive salary with regular pay reviews
  • Generous option grants
  • Top of the line equipment (4K Monitors, MacBook Pro, etc.)
  • Regular trips to see the rest of the team during our strategy retreats (here we all are, hanging out on a boat at one of the last ones) 

Beyond the tangible benefits though:

  • You will be part of a growing team, at a pinnacle moment of scale for the business, and you will have the opportunity to influence the product and the support experience we offer for years to come.
  • You will work with a wonderful group of people, who’ll see you, and place great value on the contribution you make to the success of the business.
  • You will work in a company that places great emphasis on both career and personal growth, with support to forge your own path during, and after, your time with the company.

Expected salary: £40000 per year

Location: United Kingdom

Job date: Fri, 01 Jul 2022 06:33:25 GMT

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